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Cherry Roche
The Distillery Cherry Roche is founded in 1705, until today they are known as liquor leading company all over the world.
Crème de pêche is made by macerated peaches in alcohol and is distinguished by its light orange robe, its intense peachy nose and its powerful taste.
Crème de cassis is made from a blend of blackcurrant infusion and blackcurrants in alcohol. It effuses highly-typical fruity notes and unfurls a rich, creamy texture and intense, harmonious flavours on the palate



A complex and elegant Grand Cru, Henri Barduoin Pastis is not just any aniseed spirit. Its secret lies in the perfect blend of over 65 plants and spices that have been picked, macerated, distilled and balanced to the perfect.Henri Bardouin Pastis is made by hand, guided each step of the way by its unique experience and savoir-faire.

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